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Latest News:
Switzerland: Swiss need booster to meet measles target (published 10.07.2007)

Russia: Measles - Russia (Primorsky) ex China (published 15.06.2007)

UK: Outbreak of measles among Irish Travellers in England, March to May 2007 (published 14.06.2007)

Norway: Outbreak of measles among Irish Travellers in Norway: an update (published 14.06.2007)

Japan: Measles update in Japan as of week 21 (published 08.06.2007)

Cyprus: Pertussis outbreak detected by active surveillance in Cyprus in 2003 (published 05.2007)

UK: Measles outbreak in the traveller community (published 25.05.2007)

Norway: An outbreak of measles among a travelling community from England in Norway (published 24.05.2007)

Japan: Measles - Japan (Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama) (published 23.05.2007)

Switzerland: Outbreak of measles in Geneva, Switzerland, March-April 2007 (published 10.05.2007)

USA: Measles - USA (Florida) (published 02.05.2007)

Canada: Mumps - Canada (Nova Scotia) (published 26.04.2007)

Europe: European Immunization Week: 16-22 April 2007 (published 12.04.2007)

Italy: An outbreak of measles in Apulia, Italy, November 2006 - January 2007 (published 05.04.2007)

Recent important issues relating to measles, mumps, rubella and pertussis are found in the latest news feature above.

Measles surveillance data and a pertussis surveillance report can be found on this website.

You can also find updated information on national childhood vaccination schedules.

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